Luck Air allows passengercheap kids bracelets to buy more than one ticket

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A plane of Luck Air. [File Photo]

Yunnan-based budget airline Luck Air is now allowing passengers to purchase more than one ticket on their same flight, reports Henan-based news portal

"The move is to meet the passengers" demand to have wider and more private room during their flights, as well as the need of those who have significant luggage with them, but won"t be able to put it in the overhead rack," said Chen Qingmin, an official with Luck Air.

Tickets for extra seats can be purchased at Luck Air"s ticket offices or by telephone, and are available for both domestic and international flights. The price for the extra seat is only 20-percent of an ordinary seat.

As for concerns about people being forced to miss flights due to the additional purchases, Luck Air says this is not going to be an issue.

"The tickets for extra seats will be allocated depending on the load factors on the flight. The tickets are available for sale within 24 to 72 hours before the flight taking off with passenger loads of less than 70 percent," said Chen.

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