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Police seize large amounts of methamphetamine at Boshe village in Lufeng, Guangdong province, in a crackdown on Dec 29, 2014. A total of 182 suspects were detained in the operation. JING GUOMIN / FOR CHINA DAILY

Cai Dongjia, the 55-year-old former Party chief of the village of Boshe in Lufeng city, Guangdong Province, was executed on Thursday.

Cai was sentenced to death by Foshan Intermediate Court in 2016 for smuggling and manufacturing drugs and covering for criminals.

Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court upheld the death sentence in August last year after Cai lodged an appeal. The Supreme People’s Court approved the execution after reviewing the death sentence.

Cai became a drug lord during his six-year tenure as the Party chief of Boshe. According to Xinhua News Agency, Cai used his political power to make crystal meth, also known as methamphetamine, and provided protection to local drug dealers.

Cai produced 180 kilograms of crystal meth with the help of others and sold it for profit. Cai was also found to have offered bribes in an attempt to help free accomplices who had been detained by police in Huizhou, the court said.

Aybek Askhar contributed to this story.

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