Needle pricks ocustom wristbands australian children’s skin launch Beijing investigation

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Several parents from a Beijing kindergarten reported to local police about what appear to be similar needle marks found on their children"s bodies, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday.

Police authorities said they have started to investigate the case by collecting evidence, and the kindergarten, Xinghe International Kindergarten in the city"s Tongzhou district, is cooperating with police in that investigation.

The education commission of Tongzhou district said that it also is looking into the case.

The alleged abuse was first discovered by the mother of a 4-year-old girl, nicknamed Cheng Cheng, during the three-day Tomb Sweeping holiday, which started April 5.

Cheng Cheng"s mother said when she took out needles and thread to sew clothes for her daughter, the child suddenly burst into tears and hid behind the door. A few probing questions led the toddler to say that her teacher had recently pricked her hips with the needles, and told her to keep "it as a little secret between the teacher and her".

After the mother shared a photo of her daughter"s needle marks on an online group chat of parents from the same class, the picture received wide attention.

By Monday morning, at least six parents had discovered and reported similar marks on their children"s bodies.

Examination reports from a local hospital showed that needle pricks have been found on the faces, hands and buttocks of four children from the kindergarten.

A private school, Xinghe International Kindergarten divides its classes into two types, ordinary and international. Tuition for international classes is 3,800 yuan ($565.60) per month, more than four times than the ordinary classes. Students reporting suspicious marks are from its international classes, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

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