Five Chinese tourists hurt in Tpersonalized paper wristbandshailand speedboat crash

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File photo shows Phuket Island waters in Phuket, Thailand, July 8, 2018. [Photo/IC]

Seven people, including five Chinese tourists, were injured when their speedboat hit a barge near the east coast of Phuket Island, Thailand on Saturday afternoon, according to a report from the Bangkok Post.

The speedboat carrying 10 Chinese tourists was on the way back from a day trip when it struck a barge carrying oil near the island, said deputy investigator Ekkasak Khwanwan.

The injured Chinese included two boys, one woman and two men. All have been hospitalized.

Wiwat Chidcherdwong, director of the Phuket marine office, said there were 10 Chinese tourists, including eight adults and two children, and two employees on board the boat when the accident occurred.

The cause of the crash was being investigated, he said.

Saturday"s incident was the second involving a speedboat this week. Two Chinese tourists were slightly injured after their boat hit an underwater rock and sank off Koh Samet in Rayong on Thursday.

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